Special Offers

just in time for christmas
 Newly created cards by Cynthia, for animal lovers to send for the holidays.


 Cat Card (Outside)

Cat Christmas Card


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DOG CARD (Outside)

Dog Christmas Tree Card

Waiting for Santa

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Each set of 5 cards is $14.95 + $3 postage
Here's How To Order                                                   

   1. Determine how many sets you want and whether they are Dog or Cat.
   2. Add up your order (including postage) and remit the total through PayPal (instructions below).
   3. Click on PayPal Orders Pa
   4. Click where it says "Click Here To Pay Online".  Log In to Pay Pal and follow their instructions.
   5. Enter whether you want Dog or Cat Christmas Cards, total price each (including postage) and how many sets you are ordering.
   6. Send a memo to Cynthia through Pet Portraits (http://www.petportraitsbycj.com/pet-portraits-cj-contact ) with your order information - how many Dog or Cat sets.  We will confirm and ship after receipt of the payment.