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the story of soul*light

--Specializing in Pencil on Paper---

The Soul*Light Collection is a series of exquisite black and white pencil portraits of wildlife and our beloved pets, honoring their souls and spirits in this world and beyond.

My inspiration for the Soul*Light series was a picture expressing the relationship between a young boy and animal, given to me by a classmate in the Arts and Healing program at Ringling College of Art and Design. Because I did not have an art background, I had merely intended to reproduce a basic sketch of the picture.

I had read about preparing to create artwork by allowing oneself to be connected with a positive flow of energy, and decided to try it. As I did the meditation technique, I asked the subjects of the picture to help me to portray their very essence. Using a white pencil on heavy black paper, the presence of the human and animal began to emerge.

My perspective on creating artwork was forever changed by this transforming experience. I decided to try a few more portraits – this time from pictures of pets given to me by my clients. Again I was caught up by the entire experience and was very grateful to the animals for assisting me in my work.

I had expected to keep the artwork, but decided the owners might want to see the finished pictures. So in November, 2006, the first Soul*Light exhibition was presented. All the pet owners wanted to buy their pictures, so the animals went home with them again!

Cynthia Juday

When You Are Ready To Order...


Copies of all original gallery portraits are available for purchase.  Prices include shipping and handling.  8 ½ x 11” copies are as follows:

          Single portrait - $30

          Two portraits -  $45      


Original portraits may be commissioned from your own pictures.  Please follow the steps below:

step 1

For copies of gallery portraits, or to commission an original portrait, Contact Cynthia Juday via email at, PetPortraitsbyCJ@verizon.net .

For gallery copies, indicate which one(s) you'd like copies of and the number of copies. 

step 2

For commissions, send 2-3 photos, in different poses, of each animal you'd like drawn. Please note any specific requests you may have for the portrait (see Pet Portrait Contract below). Dr. Juday will discuss with you what size the portrait should be, depending on a variety of factors.

Click here to print and fill out the contract and return via regular mail to:

Cynthia Juday
2485 Wood Oak Dr.
Sarasota, FL 34232

(Includes release to use photos, story and portraits for promotional purposes.)

step 3

Give some brief personal information (see Gallery for samples) about your pet(s), including name, age, gender and breed.

step 4

Figure the total cost from the price structure for the portrait(s) you selected and remit 1/2 of that total via Credit Card with PayPal, or by mailing a Cashier's Check/Money Order to the same name/address shown above in Step 2.

Dr. Juday will provide you with a price estimate, once she has received the photos and the information needed in the steps below. Portraits in general are $299 for one animal in the drawing. Additional pets in the same drawing will be between $100-150.

Portrait sizes can vary from 8 x 11 in. to 16 x 24 in. The size will be determined between Dr. Juday and the client.

CLICK HERE to pay via PayPal . You will receive notification from Dr. Juday that payment has been received and work is commencing.

When the portrait(s) are completed, you will be notified via email and sent a statement for the remainder of the cost due--including matting, protective shrink-wrap and shipping charges. You will receive a digital image of the completed portrait attached in the email. With receipt of final payment, the portrait and your original photos will be shipped UPS or FedEx Ground, insured.