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Cynthia Juday

19626 Swedetown Rd.

Clatskanie, OR 97016

Soul*Light Collection

I, the undersigned, have commissioned Cynthia Juday to create a black and white portrait of my pet. I agree to the following terms:

a) The general fee for the pet portrait is $299. A charge of $100-150 is added for more than one pet in the photo. Extra large sizes, detailed background, etc. may require additional fees if they are extensive enough to require more time and supplies. Dr. Juday will inform you of any fees over the general cost if you have these specific requests. If professional matting is desired prior to shipment of the portrait, the cost of this service will be added to the total price (usual cost for the double mats is approx $35-50). The mats used are a silver-grey inner mat and black outer mat.

b) A nonrefundable deposit of 50% for the portrait fee is required prior to initiation of the work. Payment may be made by check___, cash___ or credit card___________.

Credit card number:_________________________Exp date:________

c) Dr. Juday determines what she feels is the appropriate size for the project. If you have any specific requests for sizes, please inform her prior to starting the picture, and she will make every attempt to approximate the size you requested (ie, the shape of the picture may not exactly fit standard sizes such as 8x11”, 16x20”, etc).

d) Please inform Dr. Juday if there is a specific date you require for the portrait completion. If the picture can not be completed by that time, Dr. Juday will inform you.

e) Dr. Juday makes every effort to reproduce the pet as closely as possible to the picture provided and to capture the animal’s essence. This is partially dependent on the quality of the pictures you provide. It is easier to work with high quality pictures  with good lighting. When the portrait is completed, Dr. Juday will send you a digital photo by email if you desire.  Please notify Dr. Juday if you wish to receive a digital photo during the portrait creation as well.

f) Please provide 2-3 pictures from which Dr. Juday can choose for the specific pose. If you request a specific pose, please inform Dr. Juday of this prior to her starting the picture. Artistic expression may be used, however, for the physical environment and object placement. If you wish a certain object or background to be included in the portrait, again please inform Dr. Juday at the time of the commission.

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 Release For Promotional Purposes: I hereby allow the use of the photos, artwork and story about my pet(s) to be used by Dr. Cynthia Juday for promoting her  website and her artwork.

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